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Havana, Cuba

General information about Havana

Cuba © Florian Roether

Havana is the capital of the Cuban republic and also an independent province. Havana was founded in 1519 by Spain. Municipal law was declared 1592, although Havana was the capital of Cuba since 1552. Havana is the greatest metropolis of the Caribbean as well as the center of tourism in Cuba. The historic center of Havana was declared as UNESCO-World Hertage Site in 1982.

The vacation flat is centrally located in the beautiful historic center of Havanna:

  • Less than three minutes away of the Malecon (the river walk)
  • and just one minute away of the Prado (the boulevard/shopping street).
  • Also there is a great and affordable restaurant just around the corner.
  • Shopping facilities for the daily supplies are in walking distance.
  • Many sights are also in walking distance.

Trivia about Havana

Cuba © Antonio Milena


Name in national language: La Habana; Villa San Cristóbal de La Habana
National Language: Spanish
Inhabitants: ca. 2.122.000 Habaneros
  • Straits of Florida/Atlantic Ocean
  • Río Almendares
  • Cuban Peso (CUP)
    (kann weder aus- noch ins Land eingeführt werden)
  • Peso Convertible (CUC)

US-Dollar can be changed into CUC in hotels or exchanges. Exchange rate is 1:1 like the international exhange rate but you have to pay 10 percent as exchange fee.

Time zone : UTC-5
Location: north-west shore of Cuba, south of Florida Key
  • historic center (La Habana Vieja)
  • Centro Habana
  • Vedado
  • (inclusive 15 urban units with 105 quarters)
ully developed bus network (Havana MetroBus) which are very cheap even though tourist pay a little more than the residents
Havana has a tropical savanna climate because of its island's position by the warm Gulf stream.
Winter month:
  • +18°C to +27°C/+54°F to +80°F
  • 3-5 rainy days/month
Summer month:
  • +20°C to +32°C/+68°F to +90°F
  • 6-11 rainy days/month
Water temperature: +24°C to +28°C/+75°F to +82°F
Air humidity: on average 78%


Culture and sights

Havana itself is one of the main cultural centers of Cuba with several

  • museums,
  • palaces,
  • colonial squares,
  • avenues,
  • churches,
  • the biggest Spanish fortress of America
    (Parque histórico militar Morro-Cabaña),
  • cultural events
  • exhibitions.

Museums and festivals are generally cheap to visit. Below are the sights you can walk to from the holiday flat. For further information you can get many tourist guides or you can attend Wikipedia.

Photo: Parque histórico militar Morro-Cabaña


La habana Vieja - the historic center

© Gildemax by Wikipedia

The city itself is a cultural feast for the eyes because it is one of the oldest Spanish colonies (baroque and neoclassicism). Various modern architectural styles are also part of this district - among others "Art déco" (ornamental art, like the building of the homonymous rum manufacturer Edificio Bacardí).

  • You can tour more than 900 important historic buildings including the former governor palace "Palacio de los Capitanes Generales");
  • the fortress "Castillo de la Real Fuerza";
  • the Capitol with its municipal park;
  • the cathedral of the archdiocese Havana "Catedral de San Christóbald de la Habana" - till 1898 there were the mortal remains of Christopher Columbus
  • and the squares (Plaza Vieja, Plaza de la Catedral, Plaza de San Francisco, Plaza de Armas).

Popular museums are for example:

  • Museo de del ron - history of the Cuban rum manufacturer
  • Museo de Navegacion - maritime museum
  • Museo de la Ciudad - museum of the city
  • Museo de la Revolución - museum of the revolution


On the boulevard Calle Obispo you can find some gastronomical, touristy and cultural offerings like art galleries. The national ballet of Cuba perform with some other in the world-famous "Teatro García Lorca".

Cuba © Brian Snelson


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Rent a Room Havana

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