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on this website you will get information about a holiday home in Havana, Cuba. If you prefer Spanish or German please click on the flag.

The flat is perfectly situated in a central and friendly neighborhood. It’s just a shortwalk to the Prado (the boulevard), the Malecon (the river walk) and to public transportation. You've got the chance to rent this flat in the center of Havana for your holiday:

  • either rent just one double room while sharing kitchen, two bathrooms, living room, hall and balcony with other tenants,
  • or be the single tenant of the whole flat with both double rooms and private user of the whole space.
  • You can also decide if you like to get breakfast or not.

You can get more information and photos under flat. The flat has nonstopp water (hot/cold) and electricity (both is not usual in Havana). Plus the flat is in great shape and freshly renovated.

Under Havana you can find the exact location of the flat as well as a list of local attractions for sightseeing and our personal travel tips.

If you're interessted or you want more information than provided here on the website you can contact us through mail or phone. You will find our contact information under contact.

We wish you a wonderful holiday :-)

Family Nunez

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View from the balcony to the street



Rent a Room Havana

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